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Grip-n-Rip Lite 6-pack

Grip-n-Rip Lite 6-pack



The Grip-n-Rip Lite 6-pack is a game-changer for skateboarders, offering a high-performance solution to those looking to improve their grip and control while riding. This innovative product is designed to go under your grip tape, creating a natural tapered handle that reduces bulk and provides a sleek, streamlined appearance.

Crafted from a dense polyurethane material, the Grip-n-Rip Lite is incredibly lightweight, coming in at just 0.2oz. This makes it easy to handle and ensures that it won’t add unnecessary weight to your board, giving you greater control and maneuverability while riding. The Grip-n-Rip Lite is available in small, medium large and extra-large size, giving you the option to choose the one that best fits you.

One of the key benefits of the Grip-n-Rip Lite is its consistency. With its natural tapered handle, this product provides a consistent feel, allowing you to maintain a firm grip on your board at all times. This consistency translates into greater confidence and control when performing tricks, making it an essential tool for skaters of all levels.

So, if you’re looking to take your skateboarding to the next level, look no further than the Grip-n-Rip Lite. Its lightweight design, natural appearance, and consistent feel make it the ultimate choice for skaters looking to maximize their performance and improve their overall riding experience.

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